The students who are opting for the NCM - MBA residential programme will be enjoying the following privileges in the year 2014-15. All students have to stay in the hostel which is being made ready in Nehru Garden Campus. For some exceptional case students are permitted to stay outside but he / she cannot ask the exemptions from late hour classes and activities. Attendance will be marked during the evening activities.

  • ONE INTERNATIONAL TOUR to Singapore / Malaysia Hence inform all the students to apply for the passport before the commencement of the classes.
  • NOTE PAD with syllabus and available subject content will be Issued.
  • UNIFORM for students (1 Formal suit with blazer and two T-shirts for different occasions)
  • ORIENTATION PROGRAMME for the students for five days
  • PLACEMENTS TRAINING & Student's Development Programme cost
  • MONTHLY ONCE the experts from various colleges / Industries will be addressing the students and share their experience.
  • EVENING SEMINARS, lectures and interactions from the corporate are included to guide the students.
  • Various MINI PROJECTS will be part of the course on a regular basis.
  • Add on course of AVIATION MANGEMENT will be conducted for 50 hours and students are to write an exam to get a certificate from NGI.
  • Monthly Quiz on Business, Current affairs & Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing Madness Festival
  • Short Advertisement Festival