Value Added Courses

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an advanced modern day tool, which is design to support complete business management of any organization, no matter whether they are small or large. SAP is the largest ERP solution provider organization. 70% of the Forbes 500 companies and millions other companies across the globe run their business with the help of ERP provided by SAP. The main thing that allures student from varied background (like MCA, B Tech etc.) to pursue SAP certification program is the huge appetite of the corporate world for SAP ERP professionals. Being ERP certified professional, it's most easy to find a suitable job than any other certification course.

NCFM (NSE's Certification in Financial Markets)

NCFM is an online testing and certification programme. It tests the practical knowledge and skills required to operate in the financial markets. By imparting comprehensive knowledge and skill in the chosen field, NCFM enhances career opportunities for NCFM certified persons and required level of expertise to operate in the various segments of the financial markets.

Retail Management

We are offering a Diploma in retail management by having a tie up with Retail Association of India (RAI), it opens door to the students into varies sectors, like supply chain sectors, warehouses, export firms, departmental stores. Banking and insurance sectors also provide job opportunities in this area, with their new products coming in the market. Various brand names in clothing, shoes, interiors, furniture and so on, have their outlets in market and hence provide jobs like, retail managers, store managers, merchandising assistant and customer service manager.

Foreign Language

We too offer additional language Classes on French and German, which will help the students to become a multi linguistic person.

Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship Development course is promoted to alleviate the un employment problems, to overcome the problem of stagnation and to increase the competitiveness and growth of business and industries. The course will provide specific assistance to the students to make a business plan and to execute it in an efficient way. It will improve the competence of the entrepreneur and his enterprise.

Yoga Class

It takes students in the direction on the right way to live and take care of themselves and how to deal with others. While you practice a challenging posture you will learn patience, the value of gentleness, and forgiveness. Yoga is also useful in advocating the right way of eating.


Aerobics is a form of physical exercise that combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines with the goal of improving all elements of fitness (flexibility, muscular strength, and cardio-vascular fitness). Aerobic activities help the students to make their heart stronger and more efficient